WAYPOINT TRAVEL TOURS & TRANSPORT MANILA PHILIPPINES is an offspring of the Facebook Group Page, Rent A Car/VAn Travel & Tours Manila Philippines. Organized by the Admin Group of the said FB Page with the aspiration of “Organizing and Uniting” a select number of individuals with the common aim of providing reasonably priced and budget friendly travel, tour and transportation to those who want to go on land travels to different tourist spots in the island of Luzon. Organizing and Uniting as one to uplift the lives of every member of the organization.

The word WAYPOINT in a simple man’s understanding and interpretation would mean plotted routes in the map or a route from point A (point of origin) to Point B (destination point), which is basically used in GPS devices to indicate or show a representation of a way to traverse on the road. Thus, came the name of WAYPOINT TRAVEL TOURS & TRANSPORT MANILA PHILIPPINES, because we rely on points in the map to indicate our travel destinations and as an offspring of RENT A CAR/VAN TRAVEL & TOURS MANILA PHILIPPINES FB Group.

WAYPOINT TRAVEL TOURS & TRANSPORT MANILA PHILIPPINES as a cooperative organization shall always remain steadfast in it’s primary objective as a vehicle to transport each and everyone of its members and their families to have a brighter future.


In the words of ILO Director General, Juan Somavia,

“Cooperatives empower people by enabling even the poorest segments of the population to participate in economic progress; they create job opportunities for those who have skills but little or no capital; and they provide protection by organizing mutual help in communities”

Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan had this to say about cooperatives:

“The cooperative movement is one of the largest organized segments of civil society, and plays a crucial role across a wide spectrum of human aspiration and need. Cooperatives provide vital health, housing and banking services; they promote education and gender equality; they protect the environment and workers’ rights. Through these and a range of other activities, they help people in more than a hundred countries better their lives and those in the communities”.



Need to travel? We'll take you there safely.

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